Simple POS pool

The world of digital money is moving. As told by international bankers, negative interest is needed.

Saving money will cost you, so what is the use to keep it on your account? Is there a better way?

In cryptocurrency are found a lot of solutions already.

By staking and masternodes and much more, you can use different ways to earn money passively.

Staking in the form as ‘Proof Of Stake’ (POS) is one of the best way to earn money.

It is in most cases necessary to keep the wallet with the staked coins online. This can be a problem, since you have to keep it online and the costs of electricity will come on top of that.

It is also possible tot setup and control a masternode. It will cost you time, money and knowledge.

Masternode pools

With a masternode pool you can decide how much you want to put in. You will put a percentage of the total of the masternode and get equal in percentage of earnings, minus the fee.

Why Simple POS?

As simply said, you will need a lot of money, knowledge or time to setup staking.

Simple POS pool combines this all. You put your coins in your wallet and it will earn.

The more coins you put in your wallet, the higher your profit.

You pay a fair amount of fee, but still you earn, so you only win. Banks already ask you a monthly fee and will even let you pay for owning money.

How does it work?

You must send your cryptocurrency to the right wallet address. You will find it under the ‘deposit’ tab. You can choose a masternode to participate in it. Your profits will get into your account balance. You can withdraw them or stake them too (if the coins allows it).

If you want to cancel your participation in the masternode you will have to wait a couple of hours.

How to start?

Start by registering. If you have questions, you can send a message. There’s a very easy FAQ in the account, but if you have problems we will help you.