Your Partner in Gleec

The development of Gleec started in 2014.
They invented The Global Digital ECOsystem Powered By Blockchain

Gleec aims to improve daily life tasks using technology by creating this digital environment!
Focused on user experience and high security protocols!

Gleec creates powerful services and products. Telecommunications, technology development, e-commerce and cryptocurrency trading. ALL of them allied to some level and transparent to each other, creating a stable ECOsystem.

Gleec Coin:               Semi decentralizedmax supply 21 million.

Gleec X:                     Gleec Exchange (soon available)

Gleec BTC:               Launched in 2017. An innovative cryptocurrency trading platform with its own chat channel

Gleec Explorer:        Gleec blockchain

Gleec Wallet:            Mobile App and webversion. Innovated with high security protocols

Gleec Chat:                An ULTRA protected communication app. Supported by end-to-end                      encryption and military class VPN connection

Gleec Market:           A marketplace with its own native currency. Allowing the users to shop and sell the way it’s better for them, saving time and money

Gleec Pay:                 A platform with multiple tools in one service to ease money 
                             management and transactions.

Gleec Lab:                 A laboratory composed by tech experts, developers, researchers and technicans that make highly-innovative apps, websites and gadgets to happen

GleecConnect is developed beginning 2019.
It is the connection between all products and services of the ECOsystem and the users.
GleecConnect invented a UNIQUE rewardsplan with multiple advantages for investors and affiliates.

You can purchase your Gleec Coins through GleecConnect.
They build a personal backoffice for you. You can store your coins and the rewardsplan will helps you to grow to a higher package!
Sharing GleecConnect will be extra rewarded.

You will get full access to your personal backoffice and you even can join the FREE Tour before you decide to join! It’s a 7 days FREE trial.

GleecConnect have created a GleecPool GiveAway!!
They donate 10% of each bought or upgraded package into the GleecPool.
After a full GleecPool the GleecPoolRun will take place. Each active member who joined that run will WIN FREE Gleec Coins automatically!!
This is the only lottery in the world where EVERYONE will win!!
The latest participants will win the most! You can have several positions in the GleecPool and you can join as many GleecPools as you want! It’s up to you!!

We are convinced that every user will be very enthusiastic about GleecConnect!
Come and Join Us!